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You Fucking Animal

Dogs do doggy style because cats took up all the good parts with screaming in it.
You can’t lick the cream from your paws without sometimes afterwards dreaming of it.

I’ll claw the eyes from the back of your head so you never see me coming.
Beat you senseless a thousand times a second, if I were a bird I’d be humming.
Jump you like a baby dolphin, diving headfirst for a hot wet treat.
Hell I’d teach herbivores to eat meat.

Let’s get instinctual, let’s get hot, heavy, hairy and exceptional.
Let’s get rabid, stupid crazy, and attack until it’s sensational.
Let’s echo into the night like 1000 crickets fucking until their hearts explode
Let’s get animal kingdom, I’ll be an ice cream lion, and you’ll be my queen, a la mode.

When a million years of evolution is pounding in your night-vision eye
and the million incessant monochrome dreams of doing this until we die
When your blood is pumping like a herd of rhino through your veins
I’d invent fire and evolve your humanity until bitch it rains.

Let’s let sheep lay down with wolves and lions in silence,
Let’s lie flat on our backs sweaty and stalk the sound of violence,
Let’s live forever dying in each other’s finely honed senses
Let’s cover each other in scratches deep enough for fences.

I’ll rip away your second skin and leave it transparent on the bedroom floor,
I’ll tear away your inhibitions like a million knobs with a single door.

Then suddenly in a hot burst of quiet,
The aftermath of every animals, permanent riot,
We’ll lay there hip deep in pheromone,
I can’t find my jeans and where the hells my phone?

You Fucking Animal.

Something other than Silence

I wish something other than silence sated me
If I wasn’t silence then what would your silent suitor say
I wish something other than silence sated me.
If not quite so silent then what would your sighing suitor be?
If we are not speaking then when can you see eternity?
I am on bent knee, with no religion I pray.
Only the quiet keeps the noise at bay.
But I wish something other than silence sated me.

A Meme within a Meme

(in the style of Edgar Allen Poe’s “Dream within a Dream”)

Take this grumpy cat upon your screen
And, in parting from you now I meme,
Thus much let me say this next part in doge —
what you doing? so poem, so hip, so prose.

You are not wrong, with your freak flag unfurled
That he is gone, the most interesting man in the world
Yet if hope, so bright, has flown away
what hope this night, what does the fox say?

In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore taking it’s sick fun?
All that we see or what we click
seems to be a roll of that guy rick.

All that we see or seem
Is but a Meme within a Meme.

I stand lonely amidst the worst of luck
To meet honey badger, who gives not a fuck
And I hold within my hand the key to betterment
Grains of the golden fanciful internet

How few! yet how they chase and fuss
As if to prove, that all our base are belong to us.
While I weep–while I weep my soul flat
O God! can I not grasp the meaning of this LOLcat
Them with a big white font for a big white say,
O God! A Double rainbow, yes, all the way

One from the pitiless wave from me to you
One from the pretty miss dress, the goddamned dress is blue
Is all that we see or seem
But a Meme within a Meme?
If there is more to life please show it to me,
For now all I know, is I can haz poetry.

Who lies in darkness waiting

I need not sleep, nor hunger, nor fear, nor bleed.
I need not wait, nor blunder, nor hide, nor feed.
I have no coat, no burden, no dust or ivy,
Motionless am I, the statues envy.

A frozen smile hangs forever, on this shadows shadow.
Whistling a tune so quiet, so sad and so slow.
I am always ready, always fixed, always pointed,
I am the voice you cannot hear, broken, disjointed

I am the soldier standing ready, on the chessboard.
I am the weary scholar who has seen it all before.
I am the lack of courage when you dare not dare.
I am the high chinned lord who simply doesn’t care.

I am time, and moments, and tears and midnight,
I am the gold, the dawn, the stars and moonlight.
The waiting you see, that’s the truth i seek.
The waiting, missing nothing, seeming meek.
For a moment when you are not aware,
For a time when your attention slips a hair.

Then I am fury.
Then I am your hearts blood gone thick,
Then I am the epitome of motion, icy quick.

Do not begin to flirt with hopes affair,
For I am me, always me, despair.

The Hive Queen

Hive queen.
Fight your bright lit day across a retina.
Burn eyes with honeyed lips.
Sting passion in passions’ God.
Kiss your drone.