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Welcome dear friends to my telling tale.
Strictly true and doomed to fail
I’m damnably good and laughably male

I’m a wildcard with bling, this bards hard
The rhythm and the meters the thing
These Bitches be tripping
And their hand constantly seeks a ring

Canst thou Shakespeare that shit baby
That turns your no into a newfound maybe

What light through your bedroom window dares
till the break of a golden dawn
upon thy airy derrières daring airs

I do much wonder and ponder
Why I like them wack, tall and blonder
14 cocktails and she’s your Juliet
Here to let you take in her sunset

I pray thee to say maybe to my eager proposal
To damn the bed sheets to get all wrinkled and tousled

Rather proclaim it. I need it and I name it
Would a subwoofer by any other name, still bump?
What can I tell from the twinkle in thine eyes
Such a fool am I trapped between your golden thighs

Now is that weekend of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this glorious stunner
Now is that weekend where we blow the rent
On a pole dancing prancing dancer, named summer.

Once more to the breach dear friends
Before this ecstasy wears off and viagra ends.
You and wine with me and mine
To midnight from the hour nine

Until against wits end I’ve had my fill
All I beg from your eyes is Netflix and chill.
Until it’s good night, good night!
Parting is such sweet sorrow
To see with glee the back of you
In a full blown walk of shame tomorrow.