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You Fucking Animal

Dogs do doggy style because cats took up all the good parts with screaming in it.
You can’t lick the cream from your paws without sometimes afterwards dreaming of it.

I’ll claw the eyes from the back of your head so you never see me coming.
Beat you senseless a thousand times a second, if I were a bird I’d be humming.
Jump you like a baby dolphin, diving headfirst for a hot wet treat.
Hell I’d teach herbivores to eat meat.

Let’s get instinctual, let’s get hot, heavy, hairy and exceptional.
Let’s get rabid, stupid crazy, and attack until it’s sensational.
Let’s echo into the night like 1000 crickets fucking until their hearts explode
Let’s get animal kingdom, I’ll be an ice cream lion, and you’ll be my queen, a la mode.

When a million years of evolution is pounding in your night-vision eye
and the million incessant monochrome dreams of doing this until we die
When your blood is pumping like a herd of rhino through your veins
I’d invent fire and evolve your humanity until bitch it rains.

Let’s let sheep lay down with wolves and lions in silence,
Let’s lie flat on our backs sweaty and stalk the sound of violence,
Let’s live forever dying in each other’s finely honed senses
Let’s cover each other in scratches deep enough for fences.

I’ll rip away your second skin and leave it transparent on the bedroom floor,
I’ll tear away your inhibitions like a million knobs with a single door.

Then suddenly in a hot burst of quiet,
The aftermath of every animals, permanent riot,
We’ll lay there hip deep in pheromone,
I can’t find my jeans and where the hells my phone?

You Fucking Animal.